Maui Hook - Guitar

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The Tsutomu. This specially designed K-Stand Instrument Stand is patterned after the Maui Hook. The arm is shaped to resemble the Maui Hook and uniquely designed to cradle your instrument securely whether it be a Guitar or an Ukulele. It is named after the designer's father, Richard Tsutomu Kimura, who was born and raised on the island of Maui, Hawaii. Each Tsutomu model is created in his memory.

The holding arm depth for the Guitar size is 5.7 Inches to fit the bases of most standard sized Concert, Soprano and Pineapple Ukuleles. Please measure your actual instrument to ensure your choice of stand is correct. If you require a different size please email us with your requirements for a quote.

Every K-Stand comes with a soft cover to protect your instrument's finish while traveling with the K-Stand. The standard model is made of durable and attractive Baltic Birch ply. Also available in Solid Wood with additional shipping charges for special packaging. Solid Wood K-Stands are very attractive and are great for displays and we recommend handling with care as there are areas where the wood grain is delicate due to the shaping.

Please allow 3-6 weeks for build and delivery. Orders for Customized K-Stands may take longer.