Our Story


CKDream, LLC is a longtime dream come to life for us. The original K-Stand was a Christmas present I made for Carol. I wanted to make something she could put into her ukulele case that was convenient and easy to use. Thus the name "K-Stand" (case stand). The surprise gift brought tears to her eyes (and mine too!), she's always loved a handmade present and loves playing the ukulele. What started as a one time gift has evolved unexpectedly into a full-fledged product line

Carol & Keith posing with K-Stands

Of course that couldn't happen overnight, we spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to recreate the design so each K-Stand would be as good as the first. After much hard work and a Patent Award, K-Stands are now available to all. We continue to grow and develop our K-Stand offerings, and are looking forward to all the exciting new work this journey has brought to us.